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Refugee Rights Careers – Freelance Writer

August 14, 2019

For this site, I wrote all of the foundation content found on each of the tabs at the top relating to refugee rights careers, degrees, internships, and more. I also wrote a few articles for this site, which can be found here: https://refugeerightscareers.com/author/allison-reefer/ For more information about my articles and this work, please contact me.

Global Peace Careers – Freelance Writer

May 19, 2019

I have written several articles through a freelance contract for the site Global Peace Careers. You can find most of my articles here: https://globalpeacecareers.com/author/allie-reefer/ For more information about my articles and this work, please contact me.

Human Rights Careers – Freelance Writer

May 1, 2019

I write articles regularly for humanrightscareers.com. I also helped gather, sort, and write information about various topics, careers, educational institutions, and more for databases on the site. The articles credited to me: https://www.humanrightscareers.com/author/allison/ For more information about my work on this site, please contact me.      


August 24, 2018

I wrote blog posts regularly for BecomingMe.tv, a website for Christian women of all ages to encourage them and create a community space to discuss relevant topics. The archive of my posts: http://www.becomingme.tv/author/allie-reefer/ I also created Instagram Story graphics to go along with each writer’s post and to engage Instagram followers. Well-performing Instagram posts highlighting my […]

Policy Memo: Roma Inclusion in Education

February 24, 2018

Roma Inclusion in and through Education in Serbia Graphics: Roma Inclusion in Serbia

Research Paper: Art & Women’s Rights in Eastern Europe

February 24, 2018

FEMEN & Pussy Riot: How feminist groups are using media and music to fight patriarchy and traditional gender roles in Russia & Ukraine Dual language research project: English & Russian. Submitted for Music, Arts, and Conflict course and as the Capstone project for Eastern European Studies Certificate.

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I’m passionate about stories–using them to connect people and inspire others to action. I believe that social media can be a powerful tool in telling a nonprofit’s story and engaging the community in which it works. I love using digital art and media, along with events and community engagement, to raise awareness and enact change.

I’ve worked with nonprofits in Pittsburgh, upstate New York, DC, and even Serbia, telling stories of clients, staff, and the organization itself. And with an educational background in informational writing and international development, I have the skill-set and knowledge to know what stories and strategies will drive people to act.

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